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CannaBox Containers provides modular, secure, turn-key facilities
for cultivation operations of all sizes.

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Plug n’ Play

Get growing the same day as delivery! CannaBox Containers arrive at your facility in 4-6 weeks fully equipped with high intensity lighting, automated hydroponic system, climate control, airflow system, and much more!

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The modular nature of our equipment allows users to start smaller and grow as their business grows. CannaBox Containers can be stacked high and wide to accommodate a growing demand, and allow users to generate positive cash flow before scaling to a larger CannaBox facility.

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Speed to Market

CannaBox Containers allow licensed growers to be up and operating in 4-6 weeks. Each pre-fabricated unit comes delivered building code compliant, unlike traditional build outs. This means less time waiting around for permits and construction, and more time growing!

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What We Do


Our CannaBox Containers are designed for all aspects of the cannabis cultivation process. Our CannaBox solutions offer growers a scalable, turnkey solution that can be tailored to a growers specific needs.

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Facility Design

We have designed facilities for all size grows and designed equipment for special projects, in both the cannabis and vertical farming industries. We can provide insight and direction to those interested in containerized cultivation solutions.

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Modular Construction

We partner with one of the top Modular Construction companies in the world, with over 20 years of experience in the space. Our units are produced in house at our 40,000 square foot production facility located in Buffalo, NY.

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About us

CannaBox Containers is committed to bringing the modular cultivation industry the most cost effective, turn-key solutions possible. With our manufacturing team having over 20 years experience fabricating modular solutions for the United States military, you are ensured to get the highest quality ISO 9001 and 14001 certified craftsmanship in each and every CannaBox Container!