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About Us

Our experience, skills & expertise.

CannaBox Containers provide licensed growers with turnkey modular solutions for every stage of cultivation. CannaBox Containers saw that there was a problem in the industry; hefty startup costs, lengthy onsite construction periods, and the difficult permitting process. Here at CannaBox Containers, we strive to bring growers the most cost-effective, time-sensitive, code compliant facility solutions on the market. Each unit we provide is manufactured in a 40,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility located in Buffalo, NY by certified welders. Our industry leading manufacturing capabilities is what sets us apart from any other facility solutions company. Our fabrication team has over 20 years experience fabricating shipping containers for our military.

CannaBox Containers

Meet The Team

Co-founder & CEO

Rich Stapleton

Rich serves as the chief executive of CannaBox Containers, leading design and production efforts. Previously, he worked in facilities manufacturing and maintenance, working on teams responsible for fabricating and operating modular, turnkey facilities around the nation. His expertise is in designing customized modular grow room configurations to meet the unique challenges growers faces when launching or expanding a grow operation. CannaBox Containers culminated from his most recent venture, GrowTech Industries, to provide indoor modular vertical farming solutions and equipment, and has operated a commercial micro-green farm in downtown Buffalo, NY since 2016. Rich graduated from Canisius College with a degree in Entrepreneurship.

Managing Partner

Bill Jacobbi

Bill got his start in the agriculture industry as one of the original team members at GrowTech Industries and most recently assumed responsibilities for the oversight of Cannabis Cultivation Facilities. Additionally, he leads the sales efforts for Cannabox container units and other indoor growing products. Bill currently leads business development efforts and manages client accounts for CannaBox Containers handling day-to-day correspondence, ensuring service contracts are maintained and assisting new clients to determine which CannaBox Container solutions suit each planned cultivation facility. Bill graduated from Canisius College with a degree in Finance.

Sales & Leasing Manager

Dylan Knopfke

Dylan joined CannaBox Containers supporting efforts to launch the company’s leasing program. His responsibilities include leasing account management, sourcing business development leads, investor relations, risk management, budgeting and operations support. Prior to CannaBox Containers, Dylan worked as a real estate and financial consultant based in New York, NY. Dylan graduated from Canisius College with a degree in Finance.

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  • One of our installations going on in Florida! Get licensed quicker with CannaBox Containers!
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  • Early morning delivery for our great friends over at Quality Green in Ontario! (2) more units to come! #marijuana #cannabis #hydroponics #facilitysolutions #turnkey #modular #extraction #medicalmarijuana #cbd #canada #LP #cannaboxcontainers

About us

CannaBox Containers is committed to bringing the modular cultivation industry the most cost effective, turn-key solutions possible. With our manufacturing team having over 20 years experience fabricating modular solutions for the United States military, you are ensured to get the highest quality ISO 9001 and 14001 certified craftsmanship in each and every CannaBox Container!