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December 13, 20180

What are Cannabox Containers?

An introduction to marijuana fabrication

CannaBox Containers are meant for meeting your cultivation needs.

CannaBox Containers are meant for meeting your cultivation needs. The use of modules allows users to expand or relocate their business as needed. CannaBox Containers are able to be placed side-by-side or stacked on top of one another, meeting the spatial needs of any user in any location. The flexibility CannaBox Containers brings gives users wishing to start small the ability to grow as their business does.

“Regardless of your needs, CannaBox Containers will have your business growing faster and more efficient than ever.“

Prefabricated Facilities

Not only can users expand as they wish, CannaBox Containers come fully equipped and ready to generate profit. Our prefabricated facilities come with lighting, an automated hydroponic system, air flow systems and a climate control system making them the ideal turn-key facility for your business! Our grow containers are customizable and designed to suit the needs of any sized business.

Climate Control

Our climate control system allows users in any indoor or outdoor environment to utilize our containers year round. Meaning, no matter where you are located, Cannabox Containers allow you to compete with the growing market at any time of year.

Additional sensors and controls are available to ensure all of the needs of our users are met. Our ability to customize CannaBox Containers is a benefit to emerging businesses by allowing them to advance inexpensively. CannaBox Containers is also convenient for more established businesses by allowing them to utilize their space and resources in a more efficient manner.

Each day, we are one step closer to easily accessible cannabis across the country. The time to jump in the business is now. As legalities are slowing turning in favor of the marijuana industry, the market is flourishing. Now, at the end of 2018, there are endless resources available to the amateur or even average pot smoker/dealer who wants to know the answers to questions like: “How do I preserve the smell of my weed?” and “What’s the difference between medical and recreational marijuana?”. What seems to be missing in this ever-growing market is a resource for those of us financially invested or even interested in the business matters related to cannabis. Instead of, “What is the difference between THC and CBD?”, any cannabis connoisseur or green entrepreneur should be asking himself, “What knowledge do I need in order to better my business?” or “What is going on in the industry that I haven’t heard yet?”. If these are the types of questions that come across as alluring or strike your curiosity, this is a place that you will need to return to.

In the near future, it is the goal of Cannabox Containers to be your hub for all things Cannabis related. We seek to keep you as up to date as possible with what matters to you most because your interest is our business.

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  • One of our installations going on in Florida! Get licensed quicker with CannaBox Containers!
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  • Installation concluding very shortly on this (15) container interconnected facility. #turnkey #cannabis #shippingcontainer #modular
  • Triple wide C1D1 extraction lab coming together well! #cannabis #cannaboxcontainers #extraction #shippingcontainer #turnkey #marijuana #facility #solutions
  • (15) container production facility in the works! This facility will take 7 weeks to construct and will be shipped to Ontario, Canada. #cannabis #acmpr #canada #cultivation #turnkey #facility #solutions #container #modular #facilitydesign #construction
  • CSA Approved ✅ #cannabis #cannaboxcontainers #modular #grow #facility #marijuana #medicalmarijuana #cbd #extraction #turnkey
  • Early morning delivery for our great friends over at Quality Green in Ontario! (2) more units to come! #marijuana #cannabis #hydroponics #facilitysolutions #turnkey #modular #extraction #medicalmarijuana #cbd #canada #LP #cannaboxcontainers

About us

CannaBox Containers is committed to bringing the modular cultivation industry the most cost effective, turn-key solutions possible. With our manufacturing team having over 20 years experience fabricating modular solutions for the United States military, you are ensured to get the highest quality ISO 9001 and 14001 certified craftsmanship in each and every CannaBox Container!